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Your Texas Benefits Login: Using ‘Your Texas Benefits’ you can apply for state-funded benefits such as SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), TANF and Medicaid and much more. These benefits are provided by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission. All you need is to create an account in the ‘Your Texas Benefits’ website. Using this account, you can check the status of your application or case, can view which benefits you are eligible for and also can view the benefit amounts. In this post, we have updated all the details related to Your Texas Benefits Login.

Your Texas Benefits Login Guide

In order to log in to Your Texas Benefits account, you need to enter the Username and Password. These login credentials i.e. Username and Password must be created by you upon your initial use. The official website of Your Texas Benefits is After visiting the Your Texas Benefits website, you need to create an account using the option ‘Set Up Account’.

yourtexasbenefits loginsIf you have already created your account you can select the ‘Login’ option. The detailed Login Procedure is discussed below in steps. Direct Link to visit the site is provided after the Login Procedure.

Your Texas Benefits Login Procedure

People who want to apply for the state-funded benefits such as SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), TANF and Medicaid can log in to the Your Texas Benefits Account. All you need to do is following the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to be followed for Your Texas Benefits Login:

  • Visit the official site of ‘Your Texas Benefits’ or Click on the link provided below.
  • Click on ‘Login’.
  • A new page will be opened and it will appear on the screen as follows.
  • Enter the valid Username and Password in the required fields.
  • Click on ‘Log In’ button.
  • Now, you can view and apply for the available benefits.

official website

Your Texas Benefits Login – Forgot Password?

If you have forgotten your password, do not worry as there is a solution for it. You can use the link called ‘Forgot Password?’ provided below the Login button. Forgot Password link will lead you to a page where you can recover or reset your password.

Steps to be followed for Password Recovery:

  • Click on ‘Forgot Password?’ link, which is provided below the Login button.
  • You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Enter the valid Username in the required field.
  • Click on ‘Next’ and recover/reset your password.

texasbenefits logins

Your Texas Benefits Login – Forgot Username?

If you can use the link called ‘Forgot Username?’ provided below the Login button. Forgot Username link will lead you to a page where you can find your username by filling few details. Below, we have provided the details that you will require while finding your Username.

Details that you need to fill:

  1. Your Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Email Address
  5. Phone Number
  6. Social Security Number
  7. Case Number
  8. EDG Number and Individual Number


  • Visit the official site of ‘Your Texas Benefits’ or Click on the link provided below.
  • Below the login button, you can find ‘Forgot Username?’ option. Click on that.
  • Then you need to fill all the above-mentioned details to get your username back.
  • After filling all the details in the required fields click on ‘Find User Name’ button.
  • And your username will be displayed on the screen.

Your Texas Benefits

Texas Department of Health and Human Services Commission will provide the benefits and we have discussed few benefits in the below section.

1)Health Care Benefits:

People who are financially low or who can’t afford medical expenses can get various health benefits through a variety of state programs provided by Your Texas Benefits. If you can’t get benefits from one of these programs, there are other options. Find health insurance by going to

Health care for children

  • CHIP and Children’s Medicaid
  • Medicaid Buy-In for Children

Health care for women

  • Medicaid for low-income pregnant women
  • CHIP perinatal coverage
  • Texas Women’s Health Program
  • Medicaid for Breast and Cervical Cancer

Health care for young adults and families

  • Medicaid for an adult caring for a child
  • Medicaid for Former Foster Care Children
  • Medicaid for Transitioning Foster Care Youth

Health Care for people age 65+ and people with disabilities

  • Medicaid for long-term care
  • Medicaid for people who get Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medicare Savings Program
  • Medicaid Buy-In for adults

2)SNAP Food Benefits:

Using SNAP Food Benefits, people can buy the food they need for good health. People also can buy garden seeds with SNAP benefits. Most adults age 18 to 49 with no children in the home can get SNAP for only 3 months in a 3-year period. The benefit period might be longer if the person works at least 20 hours a week or is in a job or training program. Some adults might not have to work to get benefits, such as those who have a disability or are pregnant.

SNAP food benefits are put on to the Lone Star Card and can be used just like a credit card at any store that accepts SNAP.  If you have misplaced your LoneStar Card, visit the official site of Your Texas Benefits or call 1-800-777-7328 and request for the replacement of the card. The following chart gives a general idea of the amount of money you can get through SNAP Food Benefits.

Your Texas Benefits - SNAP Food Benefits
Your Texas Benefits – SNAP Food Benefits

You can check a few other benefits at If you have any doubts post them in the comments section. Thanks for visiting our site.